Thursday, August 6, 2009

A must

Something you rarely ever think about with weddings is where your guests are going to go to the bathroom! Because we are getting married at a small B&B that is basically someones home, we had to make sure we had a place for everyone to go . . . thus came potty rentals!!!

Now, I wish we could rent some like this:

(Image from Flickr)

But, these luxury trailer bathrooms can cost thousands of dollars!! Can you believe that?? Thousands of dollars?? Anyway . . . ares are going to look more like this . . . I know, not the best thing you have ever seen, but what can you do? At least they say they are steam cleaned!!!

(Images from Best Pots)

Now, you may wonder why we have three different toilets . . . the first is for the men, the second women, and the third is handicap. Seems weird, I know, but I feel even weirder explaining why . . . obviously the handicap on is bigger and easier to get around in for those who may need it. The other two . . . well . . . the one for the men has a urinal. Apparently when one of those is missing there can be splatter (god boys are gross!!) . . . so we got the pretty one for the women. I think it wont be that bad . . . with how few people we will have at the wedding, they wont be anything like concert potties!!

Plus we got some things to gussy them up . . . pretty soap and lotion, lanterns for when it gets dark, and some nice sinks!!

I think it will be ok . . . don't you?? It is a necessity I guess . . .

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