Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What went wrong

So, I figured I would start with this so I could get it off my chest and move on with the fun stuff. Here is my list of what went wrong:

1. The lanterns didn't get put in the port-o-potties . . . so my guests had to "go" in the dark all night. Because of this, my bathroom baskets were unused completely.

2. The beautifully written table number chalk boards didn't make it onto the tables (why someone couldn't have asked what the pile of chalkboards was for, I have no idea). This is what my mom was most upset over. Not only did she spend months going to Michael's to buy each chalkboard one by one with a 40% off coupon, but a good friend of the family made them look so pretty!!

3. The cake was supposed to have three layers of filling in each layer of cake - it only had one - and the filling is my favorite part.

4. My cake toppers were left off the top of the cake - instead just a pile of flowers - which my mom absolutely hates!! (But I thought it still looked pretty)

5. No one tossed the flower petals that were hanging in the cones on the back of chairs as we walked back down the isle (well, someone did, cuz I saw something fly by me when I was walking)

6. The caterer decided not to bring shrimp even though we had it at the tasting and had agreed to it as our final menu.

7. Somehow no formal pictures were taken with one of the flower girls. Because the other one is M's niece we have some with her in the family pictures . . . but somehow we don't have one with us and the flower girls and ring bearer (which I wanted). Oh well I guess . . . I know I am holding her in the big group picture!!

8. Not a big deal, but the parasols weren't really needed because it wasn't nearly as sunny as we had originally expected. I was wanting to see the cute pictures with people holding the umbrellas . . . oh also, it was actually expected to rain so we rented a few tents for the ceremony . . . so I had a kind of outdoor ceremony, under tents . . . this one really didn't bother me that much.

9. The dance floor . . . first, when they were delivering it, they didn't bring enough plywood for the whole floor, so we had to make the floor smaller (0f course they refunded some of the cost), then on the big day, the whole thing was falling apart, we ended up not even using it and used the lawn behind the head table as our dance floor . . . I think it actually worked out better, so again not a big deal (plus they refunded us for the entire floor!)

10. And the biggest one, that makes me want to cry . . . the ceremony did not get filmed! Somehow it had caused a bunch of drama a couple days before - although I am still not sure how - so on the day of I just didn't even bring it up, although now I wish I had. We had everyone laughing and crying. It really was the perfect ceremony and I wish more than anything it had been filmed. I don't think I will be able to forget this issue for . . . forever. It seriously makes me so sad. I wish we could have had the speeches filmed as well, they were particularly funny, oh well I guess!

Anyway . . . I should get the professional pictures back in about a month more, I will get some of the ones on my camera up soon!!


Mo said...

I'm really sorry about the ceremony not being recorded. Hopefully the photographer got a lot of good shots during it.
In any case, congratulations! Glad you have fun stories and pictures ahead.

PDX Bride said...

Thanks Mo!!! I guess I am really going to just have to get over it, but not sure if that will be easy or not!

Cyd said...

Ohh I had a ton of hiccups happen, too. We got rained out, our ceremony song was lost, by the end of the night my dress was ripped. It largely doesn't phase me, but it is still somewhat annoying.

PDX Bride said...

I am not horribly upset over most of it . . . the two that erk me the most is the ceremony being filmed and the table numbers . . . I know none of it is that big a deal, but as a anal person, it is just hard. Oh well . . . I guess I am just going to plan a few imaginary weddings in the mean time!

Amy Jo said...

Thank you for this post. As a soon-to-be bride and also someone with OCD, I really struggle with the idea that I'm not going to have control over ALL the details of that day. But you've proven that regardless of what goes wrong....you will still become husband and wife and that's what truly matters.