Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dress Appt #7

I know the wedding is over, but I have to complete the making of my dress . . . this was the final "major" appointment. We made sure the hem was the correct length, the fit was right, etc. etc. So . . . here are the fun pics! Sara looking cute.
The straps are now made only of organza . . . little bit less stiff. Plus they have a twist in them.
Hiding the waistline.
Pinning on lace to cover seems, and make it prettier!
Do you see all those pins?? Imagine trying to get out of that dress without hurting yourself!
Put my veil on for fun. I made that veil by the way!

The first bustle. We ended up making it a bit higher and adding some extra snaps to keep the organza up.

You can see that a ton of lace was pinned onto the waistline as well to give it a more organic look rather than just the regular scallop.
This is now Sara working on my mom's dress. My mom lost about 25 pounds and her dress totally didn't fit anymore. Yay mom!! She looked so tiny and cute. So proud of her. I guess wedding stress has a few benefits. I lost about 5 pounds just in that last week!
So cute. I think it is hard for everyone to see all the little changes, but seriously it is totally amazing!


alissa said...

i love where the waistline falls on that dress! its beautiful

PDX Bride said...

Yeah the final product was pretty amazing. If anyone ever gets the chance to be involved with a custom made dress I totally recommend it. So much fun!