Monday, August 3, 2009

To Do List Update #6

We are almost done!!!

1. Create and Print programs (return paper and get new paper, print, cut, put together, add ribbon) M
2. Put favors together (seal with wax, add sticker) MOM & Carolyn- To Do in OR
3. OOT bags, everything else that is needed (snacks, put together)
4. Create Seating Chart, Send to Caterer ME

5. Gifts for people helping (childcare, Scott)
6. Send timeline to vendors ME
7. Assign jobs for day of ME - almost done
8. Finish escort cards ME - almost done (4 more to go)
9. Find Readings for Ceremony ME and MARSH
10. Cake topper
11. Make Signs for reserved seats at ceremony, for flip flops, parasols, card box ME
12. Print Vows on something pretty (calligrapher), nice writing on Marriage License - To Do in OR
13. Write toasts for wedding and rehearsal
14. Wrap gifts (groomsmen, bridesmaids, people helping, family) - To Do in OR
15. Find and write cards for our families
16. Card for M to open when he is getting ready
17. Details from Florist, add flowers for moms
18. Photo sharing stuff (find site, print up info for tables)
19. Lunch for girls on the day of
20. Finalize Details for rehearsal dinner

  • Favors for rehearsal dinner (chocolate, make) - To Do in OR
  • Directions from B&B to my parents house, print for everyone
  • Shop for food/alcohol for dinner - To Do in OR

21. Little stuff needed

  • 2 trash cans
  • crochet hooks
  • plastic cups
  • Pens for guest book
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