Monday, August 17, 2009

More gifts

For Deanna, my brothers girlfriend, who is doing my hair and makeup, as well as my bridesmaids hair . . . I have gotten her tons of presents!! Ha!

First I bought her these really cool earrings from Orange Slice . . .
They are wooden, and super cool! I love them and actually have a pair that I wear all the time!

Next I made her a really cool Amy Buttler bag! It is actually the same one that I carry on a daily basis, although with different fabric. I love hers though!!

Pretty pockets on the inside!!

Then my final gift to her . . . is actually getting to stay at our B&B. M and I have decided not to stay there (I thought it was kind of funny to have to wait for every single one of our guests to leave in order to go to bed - or enjoy our wedding night), so . . . we actually got a suite at the little inn near by. It has a whirlpool tub and a king bed . . . I think it will be nice!! So, offering the room to Deanna and my bro seemed like a nice plan! Plus, it is such a cute place, sad to let it go to waste.

Anyway . . . I hope she likes all these things, she sure is giving up a lot for me!

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