Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm married

Well, I guess I am officially married now, and in Alaska enjoying myself . . . so . . . can't tell you anything that happened because I am writing this about 3 weeks early, so . . . how about I show you my Bridesmaids gifts!!

So, first I bought each of the girls a necklace, all a similar design, but a bit different. And of course they had to be pearls . . . I am a June baby (and actually 3 of us are June babies, and 2 May babies - which I find odd). Anyway . . . here they are

This one we actually had the extra chain added, so that it looks the same.

(Photos by Luxe Deluxe)

These were all made by Etsy designer Luxe Deluxe . . . and I think they are absolutely perfect.

I also made little clutches for each girl in a different green fabric. I bought the pattern from another Etsy seller, Keykalou, but I increased the size of it a bit and added an inside pocket. The fabric is all from a neat little fabric shop in Portland, Bolt. If you are in the Portland area, you should go by. They have classes if you don't know how to sew already!! Anyway, I think the clutches turned out beautifully. The purple fabric is what I used on the inside of the clutches. Cute buttons huh??

(Clutch photos by me)
I hope they will appreciate them, I would use one if I made one for myself!!

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San said...

Congratulations! I've been following your blog for a while and thoroughly enjoy it! I wish you the very best!