Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I guess I should talk a little bit about flowers . . . for a long time we were thinking of ordering the flowers and then putting them together ourselves with some help of a friend or two. Well, we changed our minds and now we are getting the flowers done by an old friend who just reopened a flower shop in downtown called Stems Uptown! The woman is named Shelly and I probably bought 12 bouts from her throughout high school. When I came in to get my last bout for my senior prom she actually called my wedding!! Funny how things work out!

So here are some of the bouts I was thinking about (or at least that I liked!):
We are actually getting this one! Tied with the leather! So masculine . . . our succulent is actually going to be more green though. Living in SoCal I have started to love succulents . . . especially since my non-existent green thumb kills every other plant I have . . . except for maybe the cactus!

(Bouts 1. Style Me Pretty, 2. Jena D Events, 3. Casandoideias, 4. The Brides Cafe, 5. Mint Design)

Now onto some of the bouquets that I like so much!!

This is somewhat similar to what my bouquet will look like. Mostly white hydrangea with bits of purple coming up out of the white. I think mine is prettier . . . but very similar style!

(bouquets 1. Style Me Pretty, 2. The Brides Cafe, 3. I dont remember, do you?, 4. Style Me Pretty, 5. With this Ring, 6. Grey Likes Weddings)

I also want my bridesmaids to have ribbon hanging down like in these pictures!!

(Ribbon: 1. The Everyday Bride, 2. unknown)

For my bouquet I wanted it wrapped in something. I thought about ribbon like the bridesmaids . . . but then I saw these pretty wraps too!!

(Wraps: 1. Jolie Jolie Design, 2. Tea and Whimsy)

And then one more very important flower is the flower girl crowns. Look how cute little girls look in these things!!

(Image from Photos by Kellie)

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