Monday, January 4, 2010

Special Dances

Well, I hope you all had a good New Years!! And . . . since one of my resolutions is to finish posting about my wedding I am going to get started today!!

Besides my first dance with Marshall, and the father-daughter/mother-son dances I had a couple more special songs to share, one with my Mom and one with my Brother. They weren't directly after the "traditional" ones, later in the evening . . . and a surprise to both of them!! The choice for these two songs was actually easier than the one for my Dad. For my Mom: We went to see the Down From the Mountain tour years ago . . . it was where my family discovered Patty Loveless. She had a song "Pretty Little Miss" that would bring me out of my teenage hiding into the living room singing at the top of my lungs. My Mom and I would belt it out . . . so much fun. Anyway, long story short, I went away to college and a couple months later my Dad put the Patty Loveless CD on and when "Pretty Little Miss" started my Mom started crying . . . when you hear the song, it is not something that would normally make anyone cry . . . anyway . . . I knew it was the perfect song for Mom and me at the wedding!
My favorite lyric from the song:

"Mama says he's not my type
He really loves another
But he's gonna marry me
When I turn twelve this summer"
And we dance!!
My Mom is so cute!

Now . . . the song to my Brother takes us back to childhood . . . we would always sing and dance around to the Chieftains Long Black Veil album. The song "Changing You Demeanour" we would just make up "lyrics" because they go into lilting (not really words)!! So fun.

More The Chieftains music on iLike

Dancing with my Brother . . . the song is so fast . . . and long when you are doing a jig!

I think we got tired and just started hugging.
Look at me go!

Ha! So funny! Anyway . . . super fun. So glad I was able to do something special with my Mom and Brother as well as my Dad.

Photos by Alyssa Jul Photography

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