Thursday, January 14, 2010

I love this Wedding #17

I really really love this wedding! The style is amazing. Everything looks so personal and intimate. The lighting and decor . . . just so beautiful. Not to mention the grooms suit . . . amazing! Found via Elizabeth Anne Designs. Doesn't this just seem so intimate?? The chandeliers and dark wood of the barn. Just beautiful.
Cute little flower-girl pomanders.
Man I love this tweed suit!! I want to get one for M just to hang out around the house!
I wish we had done a just married sign.
Love the twine on the bouquet.
I really like these table numbers too. They would have fit in at our wedding too.
Cute cute!
I guess people would have tossed the rose petals at our wedding too if there had been a note! Too late for that I guess.
This couple is so cute!!
So this venue may be perfect. I just want to go visit.
Seriously, love the suit.
This is a pretty amazing shot.
And I always love these signs!

All photos by Susan Stripling

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