Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A very special song

M and I had one more special song that we new we had to dance to. It is a little funny because the song is actually about a woman that gets around (ha!) . Anyway . . . I met M because I was taking banjo lessons from a guy named Lee Ruth, who taught at the store Crazy Music that was owned by Ken Shepherd, that M worked at - and eventually I did too. (ok I tried to keep that as short as possible). Anyway . . . this special song was written by Lee Ruth and sung by Ken Shepherd . . . so they are the reason we met and we both love the song. You can listen to a tiny piece of it here: Ken sings Ramblin' Woman. I highly recommend going to listen to it!
This one is my favorite! It is a great "final photo" to our wedding.

Well . . . this one is pretty good too!! I am pretty sure this was taken when the photographers were actually leaving!

All photographs by Alyssa Jul Photography

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