Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day After Portraits

So, not that we didn't have enough pictures of ourselves from the wedding we went ahead and did Day After Portraits!! I really just wanted pictures in Downtown Portland and at the Rose Garden . . . we had all the beautiful country pictures, but I really wanted some in my hometown. Plus it really wasn't that much more to add it to my wedding package! Anyway . . . I think they turned out well.
This is one of the ones we used on our Christmas Cards.
So these are in Downtown Portland, the Pearl District.
This was funny . . . all the people were like, do you want us to move??
This is one of my favs. M hates it though . . . he think he looks pissed.
This is one of my absolute favorites!!! I just love everything about it!!!
We stopped at the Rogue Brewery for a couple beers. It was pretty fun. This cute little boy colored a picture and brought it over to us. His Dad said he "had to give a present to the princess bride." So, cute. That coloring is definitely one for the scrapbook. I will have to scan it for you all!!
I must say the new rings look great with the beer!!
This one is funny.
Now we moved onto the Rose Garden.
This is a sweet one.
I hate these crooked angles, but it really is a great shot of M and me.
Yay! Portland in the background.

I love this one too with Portland in the background. I have a couple other shots to share as well, but Alyssa is fixing them . . . just a couple issues that only I couldn't stand!! Anyway . . . I think I am officially done with all the professional pics!! I still have more wedding related posts to share too!! Hope you enjoyed all my wedding pics though. I still love to look through all of them. I discover new favorites every time. Still haven't made any albums yet . . . but hopefully that will be happening sooner than later.

All photographs by Alyssa Jul Photography.

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