Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Party

You gotta love the party!! I wont say too much with this one . . . we all know what happens when people drink and dance.
These two were both in our wedding and they are getting married next September!
Desert! Wonderful berry pies. Too bad I only got a bite!
M and I actually dancing together . . . we both seemed to be running all over the place talking to people. I am glad we actually found a moment to dance together.
This sweet thing was there all night. I think they were the last to leave! Such a cutie!
I love the two five-year-olds dancing together . . . so super cute.My brother with my Mom, so super cute. My Dad dancing from his chair.
The song must have been Lollipop! Love the baby binkie ring on her finger! These are the proud parents of my tiniest guest!
What a dancer he is!
My oh my.
I don't know why I always take these crazy mouth wide open pics.
The non dancers.
Anyway . . . I think I am almost done with the posts!! Well . . . I have a few go-back DIY projects . . . but my last couple wedding day posts will be coming up soon!!

All photographs (except the first) by Alyssa Jul Photography

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