Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Guestbook photos

So you have all seen the Our Labor Of Love Blog, haven't you?? They always have all the photobooth/smilebooth photos?? Anyway . . . I had a friend take pictures for our guestbook . . . and they are a bit like a photobooth. We picked up some empty picture frames for a bit more fun. I think they turned out great. I only wish there was one of M and me too!!!

These first two were before I found the frames in the house and had to have someone run them outside.

I love this one with each of the kids in their own frame!! So cute.The second youngest guest at 2 months old! Finally people start playing around a bit!
These are our family friends that traveled from Australia!!!
Love the cockeyed frame.
Always hard to get babies to perform!
And here is our photographer for all these wonderful portraits!!
See he got the right idea . . . should have gotten more people to be goofy!!
Caught the old man too!
And here's the whole shebang!
Oh look, I'm in one!!
Our photographers even got in on the action. Alyssa Jul and Corey
M's parents got one. The Koning Clan . . . I need to remember to send this to them!
My brother got the whole bridal party together for one too . . . still wish he had grabbed M and me too!!
I think the only ones missed are one of me and M, my Mom and Dad, my Bro with his girlfriend, and M's sister with her kids. So much fun!!

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