Monday, November 23, 2009

Some Details

Over the next few days I am going to share some of the details of our wedding. I am really all about the details so these are really special to me. So . . . here we go.

My umbrella, rings and some presents. This was just as it looked while we were getting ready.
Some ring pictures. I really like this one, but wish Alyssa had done it on one of the BR Cohn bottles (because that is the winery we got engaged!). Oh well.
Our rings with our programs. I really like this one cuz you see our new last name underneath (well, you don't see it . . . but I do!)
This is one of the girls bouquet.
We had corsages made for our important guests.

My pretty bouquet. I love that it is tied with burlap and lace!! Here was my inspiration. A pic of the pretty cufflinks we made. I don't think we ever shared that process . . . I will do that soon.
My flowers next to the farm equipment. I love the mix of dirty/old with feminine.
Here are the guys boutonnieres!! I loved them. With the leather, they are so masculine. My inspiration.
I love this shot of the guys coats hanging on the fence. So casual and such a great moment captured by Alyssa or possibly Corey on this one!

All Photos by Alyssa Jul Photography

Next up: More Details

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