Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some Funnies

These make me laugh so I had to share them.
I needed the Busch to get a bad taste out of my mouth . . . and the photographer caught it!! Nice to see a bride drinking out of the can.
uuhhh?? Well . . . at least they are having fun. Fun.
Not sure what was just said, but I am sure cracking up! Ha!

Ok . . . so the chiffon on my dress kept acting like a fly net or something. Bugs and flies kept getting stuck in between the layers of my dress. So this is Clayton, the best man, trying to get a fly out. He kept going up and up and all a sudden he was getting up into the lace. M's sister was the best at getting them out, but at least he tried!

All photos by Alyssa Jul Photography

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San said...

Teehee...the first one is classic.


Westside Wedding said...

love all those pictures! I left you something on my blog today :-)

Tara said...

Hehe - it looks like you all were having such fun! What great pictures.

Abbie said...

I love candid pics like that!