Monday, November 9, 2009

Family Photos

We did take some family photos of course . . . I am sorry but they are much more boring than our bridal party ones!!
M and I and his niece and nephew. They are not super good at posing for the camera . . . as you will notice, but super cute kiddos!!
My two "little" cousins who are 13 and were also my hostesses!!
M's Mom and Dad M's family.
M and I with our siblings. M and I and my folks.
Me and Mom and Dad!! (You like how Dad's tie goes with Mom's dress)The whole shebang. Parents.

My family!

All photos by Alyssa Jul Photography

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Abbie said...

Love your mom's dress!

PDX Bride said...

I loved my Mom's dress too!!! Not your typical mother of the bride dress.