Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Group, Guests, and others!

So, I am not sure what to call this category but it includes some of my favorites! Right after the ceremony we had all our guests gather for some group shots. I love having all my guests in one big picture!!! I also love that M and I picked up the two flower girls . . . it just fits our personalities!
See, so cute!!
So cute that the flower girls are looking at us kiss!! Ha.
Ok these are more of my favorites!! These actually happened before the ceremony. I picked up Eve and we are looking at something . . . a toy maybe?? Cute pic though. I love this one too. We went to check out the ribbons hanging out in the archway. Just such a great shot and a great moment captured by Alyssa!!
Our littlest guest! Guests hanging out at the cocktail hour. Guest getting appetizers that I never got to eat!!
Well, they look good!
You can see a bit of the set up here.
Some of the bridal party hanging out. One of our oldest family friends took photos for the guest book, I don't have all the photos yet, but when I get them I will put them up here too. Here is my bridal party taking one together.
All photos by Alyssa Jul Photography

Next up: Signing the Marriage License our entrance to the reception

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Abbie said...

Amazing pics! I love how candid they are.