Monday, November 2, 2009

The Ceremony

Our Ceremony was perfect!!! We laughed, we cried, our guests laughed, our guests cried . . . what more could you want?? Ha! It was really personal, and fun, casual, meaningful, special, unique . . . just everything. Our ceremony musicians. I think I am the only bride who really didn't have specific songs picked out for the bridal party and herself to walk down the isle to. I just told them to play . . . and when it was me just make sure it featured the banjo! They did great.
Everyone hanging out before the ceremony begins!
Me watching everyone gather outside. It was totally a weird feeling to be able to watch everyone I care about gather in one place.
M with my Dad and his sister Martha, who was our officient.
Cute ring bearer, M's nephew.
Super cute flower girls. M's niece and one of the groosmen daughter.
Becuase my Dad had his achilies issue, and really wasn't even supposed to be walking, AND I had to go down about 9 steps, I had my brother hang out with me inside and then get me down the stairs. I met my dad at the bottom of the stairs to walk me down the isle! I love the pic above because a little breaze came through and picked up my viel.
Me and Pops
Everyone all lined up.
Waiting for my Dad to give me away . . . and wondering what he will actually say. At the rehearsal he jokingingly said something like "go forth my virgin dove" . . . that sure got a crack up! The girls.
Joe Lewis reading something for us. I will actually share what he read later. Him and I and M brainstormed for months about what to read and none of us ever found anything that we really loved so he ended up writing something just for us. It was really so special. Plus, it had some laughs in it as well. M and I listening. Our programs in use.
Pretty flower shot. The boys.
M giving me my new wedding band.Smiles! Tears!
Laughs! Me giving M his ring.
Me struggling to get M's ring over his giant knuckle! Still trying.
We had flowers for our Mothers. I gave one bouquet to M's Mom and M gave one to my Mom. It was a surprise for both of them!

We are almost Man and Wife!

Yay! We can kiss!

I love this photo! We walked back down the isle to "Black Water" by the Doobie Brothers, so some dancing was in order!> There is some dancing! More Dancing.
And my brother being my brother!

Next up: Guests, Funny Moments, and some other random ones!

Most photos by Alyssa Jul Photography (a couple are from friends and family!)


Tara said...

You look beautiful! And it looks like your wedding was a wonderful day- for both you two and your guests. Congratulations!!!!

Abbie said...

Love every bit of it! I love seeing all of the emotion.