Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bridal Portraits Part 2

Okay, the bridal portraits continue. I couldn't barely narrow any of these ones down . . . so there are a ton of shots today. I hope you like them!
On the steps of the B&B. Made for some cute shots. I have been thinking that we may have to plan our anniversary for a weekend stay at the B&B.
Now, the orchard shots . . . I seriously love all of these pics.
Love this one!!!
Stealing kisses.
Another fav. It looks a lot better when it is bigger . . . click on this one!Bouquet looking pretty.Alyssa working hard! Veil blowing in the wind!
I told you I was going to take a pic like this!
And like these too!

I hope you enjoyed set two of bridal portraits!! I just love love love them!

All Photos by Alyssa Jul Photography

Up next: Bridal Party!

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