Friday, October 23, 2009

Our Meeting

I know I talked about how I hated the title "the First Look," but I am really not sure what else to call it . . . so here it goes the photo evidence of our "first look." And I think my action plan for the set up worked perfectly! M waiting with my beautiful bouquet!
This was a big wrap around porch, so there was some anticipation while walking around.
So Excited!!!
I love this one! It is just so sweet . . . plus the skirt just looks so pretty.
Oh kisses.
And Marshall checking me out. He said all the right things.
Ok, I'm crying now! More crying.
So . . . I always tie M's tie for him. He can do it, but he just likes it more when I do it. So, the wedding day was no exception. He said it was actually kind of annoying waiting to tie it because everyone he saw asked him if he needed help.
There we go . . . looking good!

All photographs by Alyssa Jul Photography

Next up, our Bridal Portraits . . . some of my favorite from the day!

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