Thursday, October 8, 2009

Songs of Love

One of my Dad's best friends sent us "A Medley of Songs For Cat & Marshall" where he changed the lyrics to some songs you may know. Or in his words "Lyrics mangled by John B."

"The first song is sung to the tune of 'The Theme From The Davy Crockett TV Show' (Ask your parents) Ready - here goes:

I know a Gal. Her name is Cat-xx J.
She and Marshall set their wedding day.
Friends and fam'ly will shout, 'Hip, Hooray?'
'Cause they'll all be happy in every way!
Cat-xx, Cat-xx Jxx
Soon to be G-xxxxxxxx."
(I guess I will have to tell you my first and maiden name are two syllables, and my new last name is 4!)

"The next tune is stolen from 'California Here I Come" and here we go:
G-xxxxxxxx - That's his name.
Cat-xx's will be the same.
She's partial to Marshall. You know it's true.
He's battlin' for Cat-xx. Wants to hear her say, 'I do!'
Draw a circle 'round 8/8.
That's their happy wedding date.
Grab the parson. Don't be late!
The G-xxxxxxxx - Here they Come!"
(I am starting to realize this isn't as much fun for you if you don't know our names - oh well)

"Now for the big finale! Sung to the tune of 'Love And Marriage' (aka. The theme from the 'Married With Children' TV Show). Let's bring it on home:

Cat and Marshall. Cat and Marshall.
Go together just like post and parcel.
This I told her brother -
I can't see one without the other!
Try, try, try to get to Portland per invitation.
Try, try, try and you'll be sure to share in their elation!
Marshall and Cat. Marshall and Cat.
Go together like a cane and top hat.
This I told her mother -
I can't see one . . . I said I can't see one . . .
No, no, I can't see one without the o-o-other!"
(Hopefully you guys recognize this tune! Plus, not strange X's getting in the way!)

Well, I think it is fun!!

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