Thursday, October 22, 2009

Boys help each other too!

Here we have Marshall and a couple of his groomsmen getting ready. I was told later that they mooned the photographer as soon as he walked into the hotel room and then made him drink a beer. Alyssa said he commented "we need to have more weddings with guys from Missouri!" I love it. My sweet letter to my new hubby!! He is going to hate me for putting these pics up! What are they looking at?? The cool guitar pick that I had made . . . I think it is a super creative gift.
Plus the hankie that I embroidered.Goofy groomsmen.
Look! Boys help each other dress too!!Look how trashed this place is. Snacking on our leftovers as they waited for us to finish getting ready.
Still helping each other get dressed!

All photographs by Alyssa Jul Photography.

Up next We see each other for the first time.

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