Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting Ready

So it is soooooooo hard to narrow down my photos, so I am just going to show you millions!! Maybe I will do it like I did my dress posts. Each occasion, and then some final summary ones. So, this set is me getting ready. My photographer really did an amazing job capturing the moments and emotions of the morning! I love them . . . enjoy!

The sweet note that Marshall had one of my bridesmaids give me while we were getting ready. It included a printed out email that he had sent me about 3 months into our relationship. It talked about how he couldn't wait to marry me (even back then!). I love opening champagne! And this is the best champagne ever. Risque by Toad Hollow! Lunch - I made a board on Bridal Canvas
My pretty pretty dress!! Love these dress pics!! How many women does it take to undo a wedding dress??
The "look" . . . I think every bride has it on her wedding day!
I really love this picture of my mom's hands on the my back. Making sure everything is perfect. My MOH helping me to put on the garter I made.
I love my earrings!! I think I got just as many compliments on them as I did on my dress!
I love these next three . . . you can tell they were taken right in a row and they make me laugh a little.

All Photos by Alyssa Jul Photography.

Up next . . . Marshall and the boys getting ready.

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kim said...

oh yay, finally! can't wait to see more!!!