Friday, December 4, 2009

Reception Details

Yay . . . more details . . . Our reception tent.
Vino. Somehow we ended up with a two extra wines (I think someone grabbed the wrong case from the garage) . . . oh well, more selection.
Our cute little Bride and Groom Signs. I am trying to figure out what to do with these now. Any ideas?? I would like to have them up somewhere just cuz they are so cute. Our menu!
This is the "Head" Table. Which had me, M, and our Matron of Honor and Best Man. Here is a zoomed in shot of the champagne flutes that my mom wrapped with wire and beads. They are so super cute. Can't wait to toast with them 8 months from now.

My Mom surprised us with these cute little Mr and Mrs. Tags. She is so cute.
The shots of the tables are so cute. Too bad our table numbers are switched out with these boring ones. I will show you what they were supposed to look like soon. Love the olive oil jars. A friend of my Mom's created the little sticker and put all of them on the bottles. Plus tied the raffia.
I made little baby bibs for our too little newborns. I also made hats for a couple of the babies as well, but somehow there aren't any pics of those.
These cards talk about our photosharing site.
Coloring books and crayons for our toddlers.
Then lots of cake shots.
I really like this one.
Too bad our topper isn't there. I am so glad we got the wood cookie to put the cake on. It looked so pretty.
And pie. Yummy, yummy pie. Too bad I only got one bite of this (the same amount that I got of our cake!)
Sorry I have been posting so sporadically, it is amazing how busy things get. I will finish eventually, I promise.
Photos (minus the first two by friends) by Alyssa Jul Photography
Up Next: Parents gifts


Princess Christy said...

Uh-oh... I hear the stories of how things were supposed to go coming on...

San said...

Love the "moonshine" sign for your wine selection! Also, your olive oil favors turned out splendidly!