Thursday, December 31, 2009

Congratulations to all the Newlyweds

As 2009 comes to a close I just wanted to say Congratulations one more time to all my Newlywed friends/coworkers/old friends (that I maybe haven't talked to in awhile)!!! And through some Facebook stalking and "stealing" I have pictures of all the 34 couples (35 if you count me) that I know got married in 2009!! Yay!! Enjoy all the love.

Chris & Abby!
Amy & Adam!
Alexa & Ryan!
Amy & Dan!
Andy & Annie!
Becky & Justin!
Courtney & Jake!
Tasha & Dan!
Josh & Danielle!

David & Adina! Drew & Patti!
Meghan & Elijah!
Andy & Emily!
Erica & Jason! Erik & Callie!
Lauren & Greg!
Kelley & Gregg!
Mark & Hannah!
Jamie & Jami!
Jenn & Mike!
Amanda & Josh!
Julie & Jonathan!

Lauren & Troy! Mandy & Chris!
Megan & Steve!
Mike & Meghan!
Sarah & Jamie!
Shannon & Patrick! Doug & Stephanie!
Suzanne & Jonathan! (who were on the same cruise as we were for our honeymoon!!)
Julie & Ted!
Chad & Toni!
Wesley & Emilee!

and Yvonne & Hector!

I actually have an old friend who is getting married today, so I will have to add her picture later! And of course one more of my and my new hubby who I will get to kiss at midnight tonight!!

Lots of love for 2010!!!

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