Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bouquets and Garters

M and I like all the "traditional" things, even though we are a bit untraditional. So we did decide to do the bouquet and garter tosses!! The bouquet toss was a little bit different . . .
It is such an awful pic of me!
And you can see . . .the bouquet split into multiple pieces.
So . . . multiple girls got to take home some pretty little flowers.
There we all are!

Then the garter. A little weird to have your new husband go up your dress in front of all your friends and family . . . but at least it didn't last too long.
It was a Mizzou garter . . . and we had the Mizzou fight song playing, which is pretty funny I think.
And that's my brother with it. Can't decide if that is weird or not!
So funny!

All photographs by Alyssa Jul Photography

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