Monday, December 14, 2009

Cake With Surprises

Of course we went to have out traditional cutting of the cake moments!! M knew better than to shove anything into my face, so it was a fairly relaxed experience. Although, there is video of it and you can here everyone yelling things at us the whole time (I really don't remember that), I will get the video put together at some point to share as well!! I did have a surprise Grooms cake . . . a guitar. It was yellow cake with basically no frosting (M's favorite) . . . oh . . . our cake was white cake with raspberry cream filling and white chocolate butter cream frosting, seriously delicious!I love all the cute little faces you can see in the background . . . they want their cake!! The the guitar cake!
Isn't it cute???

Then . . . we had some surprises . . . and I swear to god neither of us knew what the other one was doing!!

Yes, those are instrument cases!
M bought me a banjo.
And I bought him a guitar. See, we really were meant to be together! I gave a little speech . . . that someone got on film, so I will put it up soon.
And M played a little guitar.
Everyone wanted me to play, but it wasn't tuned correctly, so I couldn't make it sound right. And I am not a good enough musician to tune it on the spot. Oh well. Love this pic!
Anyway . . . so funny that we both bought each other instruments. Too bad I have been really bad about playing mine. Just so you know, the guitar I bought M is a Breedlove . . . an amazing guitar company out of Oregon. I had to buy M a Oregon guitar from his Oregon girl!!

Photographs by Alyssa Jul Photography (except the last 3)

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