Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So there are a bunch of hairpieces that I really like, I thought I would just highlight a few this week. I came across Cort & Plume as I was playing around on Wedding Chicks the other day. They have some really pretty bridal pieces that white and lace and feathers and other pretty things!! They have kind of a vintage feel to them. Super pretty!
They also have some "Bridesmaid"pieces, or really everyday pieces . . . I would probably wear them all the time!! Although, I don't know if any of you have this same problem, but these headbands that are stretchy (that go around your head), they never stay on my head. I must have a small head or something. Oh well. More prettiness for the rest of you!!

(All images from Court & Plume)


MS Handbags said...

Such lovely choices! I really love the first feathered piece. I've been hoping an occasion will come up so I can buy myself a feathered headpiece. I'm a big fan of Featherbrain on etsy.

Oh and just to let you know, I unfortunately inherited a large head from my father- and the stretchy bands don't stay on my head either!

PDX Bride said...

Man . . . whoes heads do they stay on then?? Maybe people have a hook back there or something!!