Thursday, April 23, 2009

I love this Wedding #8

Yay . . . another wedding I love. This is the wedding of Christy and Kevin that I found on the Knot. It just looks super casual and relaxed, which is exactly what we are looking for. Plus with the Olive Oil and the galvanized metal things, it is a lot like what we are already doing!!
Yay . . . galvanized metal buckets!!! These are super pretty . . . I would do something like this if I didn't think it would be super expensive.
Yay Olive Oil!
I like these little twig on the menu. Really give character to an otherwise very simple menu.
And the little pot of basil. Soooo cute . . . and a fun favor!! Too bad most of my guests are from out of town . . . not really practical in our situation!! Anyway . . . wasn't it a cute wedding!!

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Cyd said...

I love this! The herbs, the fresh colors and the galvanized pails are too cute!