Friday, April 10, 2009

Hairpieces 4 - My favorite

So Myra at Twigs & Honey has to be my favorite!! Her pieces are so cute and so pretty and I am just in love. Plus, she is a local Portlander . . . so it makes me want to buy from her even more!! Got to love those local businesses!! You can read her blog here . . . or check out her Etsy store here. She does a ton of custom pieces . . . so it is fun to know you will get something unique. I had sent her a message on Etsy a long time ago, but she is so busy I didn't hear back from her. But not too long ago, she actually put a message on my blog offering to do a custom piece for me . . . she probably has some love for the local Portlander as well!! So I am taking her up on this offer. My favorites from her are these three . . . so I am sure it is going to be pretty.

I will let you all know how it turns out. So exciting!!!

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alissa said...

ahhh i love her stuff! you'll have to post pictures!

thanks for visiting my blog!