Thursday, April 2, 2009

I love this Wedding #6

I guess you all know the drill by now . . . but I love this wedding . . . so pretty. It is the wedding of Eryn and Craig that I found on Rock N' Roll Bride, the pictures are by W Scott Chester. Anyway . . . enjoy:

So cute . . . can't wait for my Dad to see me on my wedding day!!
There is a chaise at the B&B, it should make for some fun pictures!!
I love this funny little shed thing . . . so rustic and fun!
This is a super cute way to do escort cards . . . to bad I don't have a big tree to hang mine on . . . my mom is actually making a free-standing frame and then using chicken wire so we have something to hang the cards on it . . . I am thinking it should be really cute.

I'm not sure where this giant bucket of buttons came from, but it sure makes for a cute picture!

There's that fun shed again!!
Anyway . . . I think this is super cute. Hope you enjoyed!!

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