Monday, June 28, 2010

My amazing photographer

I wanted to share these forever ago, but apparently I just got way too busy. Oh well. So, my photographer, Alyssa Jul, is amazing. When we went to take our "Day After Pictures" I had a serious problem . . . and I must really like you guys, cuz this is something I wouldn't ever talk about. But I had a spot (yes a zit) on my back (yuck!!!!) . . . anyway, Alyssa made it disappear!

It is a little hard to see (thank god), but it is so nice that Alyssa could make it go away (and still look nice)

The other thing I had her fix was a hair issue. Somehow my bangs decided to do something crazy . . . and no one told me . . . and it was like I had a weird bald spot. But Alyssa was able to make my hair reappear! I really think this is truly amazing, but you can decide for yourselves.

Better huh? Well, I really appreciate it!


alissa said...

she did a great job! my favorite shot from our wedding my arm looks really weird to me and i considered asking our photographer to go in and fix it a little haha - seeing these i wish i had!

Heather said...

Alyssa is my soon to be sister-in-law! I just found your blog by chance because I am looking for Portland wedding blogs and I'm getting married in May. Thanks for your blog! Isn't Alyssa just incredible?

PDX Bride said...

Alissa - I bet your photographer would still fix it if you ask. And, if not, ask mine!

Heather, Alyssa is so sweet. You are gaining a wonderful sister in law! I've seen some of your pics on her blog too.