Thursday, July 1, 2010

Home Day After Portraits

So my Mom clicked a few pics of M and me in the yard while we were still in our wedding garb from our day after portraits! Just thought I would share!
Deanna (my bro's girlfriend) who did my hair and makeup again!
Front Yard
Front Yard
Chairs in the backyard
M upside down!
Love this quilt!

Anyway . . . I don't think it ever gets old looking at my wedding pics!


Sarah Elizabeth said...

You won my contest! Shoot me an email at and we can figure out the details!

San said...

Love the pics of you guys playing on the swing set (esp. the one of M upside-down!)


Morgan said...

Hi Cat,
Thanks for visiting my blog! How fun that you know Aaron, too. I love knowing someone in the Superbowl! :) ha! We're all super happy for him and his family, too.

I LOVE these pictures. They are so gorgeous and you are such a beautiful bride!